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Stephen H. - Melbourne

"Thank you Loan Dolphin for making this whole process so easy! We had no idea how we were going to deal with the task of finding the best home loan provider for us, until one of our friends recommended your website. I cannot overstate how much of the stress was taken out of the process by your easy to use website and your fresh approach to dealing with the Home Loan market! You managed to save us time AND money! "

Janice K. - Sydney

"Thank you LoanDolphin! You have taken the worry and stress out of finding a Home Loan. Instead of wasting time going from bank to bank we found the perfect loan for us without the pressure of face to face brokers, we didn't even leave the house! Interesting that the best offer didn't even come from the four major banks. Genius!"

Justin M. - Sydney

"What a pleasant experience using Loan Dolphin to source my home loan needs. Having leading Banks and Finance Brokers bidding for your business is something new. Normally, you would go cap in hand to these institutions and afterwards, wonder if you got the best deal. Soon after completing the simple online form, LoanDolphin presented me with a number of offers from the leading bidders. From these, I was able to choose the best deal for me. To celebrate, I was able to dine out with their generous cash back offer. I highly recommend the LoanDolphin Experience to anyone looking for finance! "